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Movement Disorders and Tourettes Treatment

The following information may be of interest to people who were previously diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, "Nervous Twitches" and other tic-related conditions. We do not treat using medication or surgery, and the treatment is not painful.

Our Guarantee: If you do not see virtual elimination of the twitches or tics during the consultation, there is no fee whatsoever.

The following "Before" and "After" videos of a patient whose Tourette's Syndrome started at age ten (10) shows the dramatic improvement which resulted after only three visits:

"Before" Treatment
"After" Treatment

No drugs or surgery were necessary and there are no side effects.

The next two videos show a person who had uncontrollable movements stopped forty years after onset.

"Before" Treatment
"After" Treatment


Treatment of Movement Disorders

The explanation which follows relates to physical and vocal twitches and tics such as:

Eye blinking Throat clearing
Facial Twitching Clicking Sounds in the throat
Lip Movements Repetitive coughing
Head bending and rotations Barking
Shoulder shrugging Yelling of words and other sounds

For years it was thought that these conditions are “neurological” and/or “psychological.” For a while some thought that they were due to infections. It turns out that for numerous children and adults, the “neurological” believers were right, but with an important factor overlooked. The “neurological” cause is not necessarily a lesion, tumor, or hard to locate cause in the brain, but a “neurological/orthopedic” condition resulting from compression of nerves in the head and face at the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint).

It appears that the resulting chronic irritation causes these nerves to send messages to the brain comparable to “itchiness” (which is a low level pain sensation) often felt as a “premonitory urge” to move and/or make sounds. For some patients, other nerves are affected by crossover of stimuli to adjacent nerves in the brain or spinal cord*.

A simple comparison can be made by imagining someone constantly but lightly stepping on your toe. At times you might tolerate the annoyance but periodically you might jump around trying to get away. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that the nerves that extend from your toe to the brain which tell you how annoying your situation is, pass next to and interconnect with other nerves which move your shoulders and arms, and affect your breathing, speaking, etc. You can medicate or psychologically analyze yourself forever, but the most important “treatment” is to get the person off your toe!

Belief that we are right is completely unnecessary. The proof is obvious almost immediately after reducing the pressure. Without a doubt, nothing can be more natural or appropriate than to eliminate the cause so the body can heal.

We do not treat Tourette’s or other movement disorders. We only treat the temporomandibular joint in a specific fashion which as a side benefit may help other problems such as Tourette’s or other movement disorders.

We have over 30 years of experience eliminating Tourette's and movement disorders in NJ -- problems which result from dysfunctions involving these and related structures. Our approach is straightforward. At the initial consultation, we gently and painlessly decrease pressure on the appropriate structures by placing and adjusting a specially constructed device in the patient’s mouth. Medication is not necessary. The fact is that no procedure or treatment works for everyone. Consequently, if within a short time you do not personally see and hear (for patients with vocal tics) major improvement there is no fee charged. This change is only temporary, but it demonstrates that we are treating the probable source of the problem and are likely to be able to stop it as a side benefit.

Some patients report that just visiting the doctor reduces their tics while others say that specific activities like working at a computer, writing at a desk, or driving make it worse. We cannot encourage you enough to do whatever is necessary so that you can come to your visit with the tics temporarily at the worst level you can create. We want you to be sure that our procedures work for you as we certainly don't want to waste your time, hopes, or money. We love our successes and lose much too much sleep over failures, which are fortunately quite rare.

Following the patient’s authorization we complete the examination and at a second visit provide custom-made orthopedic devices to maintain the decreased pressure and control the tics. Since they are worn in the mouth, they appear similar to orthodontic retainers. However their purposes are completely different and they do not apply pressure to move teeth. Consequently most patients find them to be comfortable. Our goals include not only eliminating our patients' movement disorders but eliminating their orthopedic appliances whenever possible.

We have experience with thousands of patients who have come here from across the United States and from every continent around the world (except Antarctica) for the various conditions which we treat.

If well cared for, orthopedic devices should last for several years. However, children who continue to need them during their developmental years would need replacements as they grow.

Special arrangements for reduced rates have been made with local hotels. We are happy to assist with airplane and train information. We are 20 minutes by taxi from Newark Airport and near Amtrak and New Jersey Transit train stations. While in the area, many of our patients and their families enjoy visiting the “Jersey Shore” as well as New York City (Don’t miss the Staten Island Ferry. It passes close to the Statue of Liberty and it’s free) and the colonial section of Philadelphia (Don’t miss the Liberty Bell, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, the tour in a horse-drawn carriage, and a restaurant which serves food as it was in 1776).

P.S. For many patients with tics, there is a psychological component. However, that does not mean that it’s the cause. The patient you saw at the beginning of our Home Page saw and felt the tics all day every day for forty (40) years. People called him names (usually “Twitch”) and imitated him to his face and behind his back. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t have a “psychological” problem? Yet, sixteen (16) years of psychiatric care did not help. However, after following the protocol described above, the tics are not a problem and that’s pretty good for anyone’s psychological condition.

Remember, there is no fee charged for the evaluation if you are not confident that we can help after seeing us dramatically reduce or stop the movements temporarily during the first visit.

* If you are interested in knowing which nerves are involved, the most common ones are technically referred to as Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, and X, or the Trigeminal, Facial, Glossopharyngeal, and Vagus. The specific movement or vocalization is apparently determined by which nerves and which segments of these nerves are stimulated by crossover nerves which are called interneurons or ephapses.

“I need to express my deepest gratitude for what happened to me this past year. It was when I received hope. When I was at my wits end in trying to overcome something inside that has been causing me so much struggling and suffering, you picked me up when I felt no option to be happy. You all cared enough to go beyond what normally would be done and gave me the most wonderful gift another human can give! What you did completely transformed my outlook on my life. Now I have the chance to conquer my goals which I put behind me so long ago! Where windows and doors have been shut...I can now reach out to open.” - George A.




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